Monthly Archives: May 2009

Online accountability partners..

So it occurred to me today that perhaps i should voice some of my intentions on here (nothing too drastic just books i intend to read or events i intend to attend etc.) This would mean that if (and when) i return the book to the library two months later with the first chapter barely read or i sit on the sofa and skip the lecture, you guys can call me out.

I hope this may also lead to discussions and recommendations. And if anyone out there would like me to keep an eye on any of there intentions coming to fruition, i will be glad to check in on you, unexpectedly and with damning criticism in the event of failure.



Get it together!

So i look and see that 6 months ago i considered coming back to blog. Well now for the past couple of days i thought ok this is it – but i dont like my blog name, i am not sure about the way it looks bla di bla. Today i decided that is all just a distraction from the actual dicipline and hopeful enjoyment of blogging. SO i am just going to get back to it. Its really for me, my mind, and some kind of creative outlet. But i like people and if any happen to come by and make some comments, well that would be just fine.