Bigger Stronger Faster

So last night i went to see a documentary called Bigger Stronger Faster which is based around the story of three brothers struggle with steroids to become like their great American heroes. This is one of the best if not the best documentary i have seen. The reason i found it to be so successful was it was firstly not even a topic i was that passionate about but yet all the way through i was interested, questioning and becoming internally motivated about some of the issues. It is shot in a very clean, classic documentary style, there is no film trickery or wizardry to make me enjoy it; visually it was as a documentary should be: simple and real so as not to distract or compete with the story.

For me the most interesting elements was the social commentary on society’s image of the body and how it has changed, it is also always interesting to compare almost any drug issue that becomes prominent with the legal drugs like smoking and alcohol. There is always a phenomenal amount of death and destruction revolving around those and it is almost hard to compare or care what the steroid users are doing. I think at one point the mentioned that more people got to the emergency room for vitamin C then for steroids. So again a clear sign that we are easily riled up about issues that the media tells us to be. Of course the real broad emotional tug here was not the medical danger but the unfair advantage gained by taking steroids. The arguments come from all sides and it proves to be a incredibly well rounded and constantly interesting and surprising film. We were the only two people in the theater which was fun but also sad that really great film was being ignored and there were probably still hoards of folks watching Indiana Jones being massacred and squeezed dry. So if your looking for a good flick this week head to green hills to see this!

check out the film @ Bigger Stronger Faster the movie

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