Daily Archives: June 26, 2008

Five Bagger! (ugh)

Well this may turn out to look something like a little story of self praise (which it is) but there are some issues of continuity and news to go with it. Last night i took my previous high score in bowling (184) and savaged it with a 214! I am pretty pleased with it, nothing magical in the scheme of things but hey i was a happy bunny. During this record breaking run (and by record breaking i mean my record) I got five strikes in a row, i was pretty sad to learn during this that after the three strike “turkey” you start to become and “bagger” a term i am not comfortable with. So on my fourth strike in a row i here supportive cheers from my wife and good friends the Beans which was fun, then as i hear the laughs at the term “four bagger!” I almost dread getting another but yet fate made it so and i was then termed “five bagger!” and i could not go on any further. So i now enjoy a new high score and a horrid nickname (if only short term it is still unwanted) “five bagger McGowan” will press on to eliviate this term through a six in a row striking frenzie (which i believe is a double turkey) hopefully relinquishing the “bagger” tag i have been labeled with.

I would like to add that this does seem to support my bowling mustache theory as the lip growth is continuing and my bowling score is increasing. Only time will prove the power it has on the lanes.

Good day all

Five Bagger