Daily Archives: June 25, 2008

The Beard

So as many of you will know i recently took part in the facial hair phenomenon called whiskerino. The curator, creator and inspirator Michael Eades aka Mackle has at the 8 month point decided to steadily deconstruct the continuous growth that he has been cultivating. I think we can all appreciate this massive mass of hair and see it for all its glory. Here is the final piece before the first step of reduction.

RIP “The Beard” Nov 2007- June 2008

On a side not he also happens to have one of the most interesting blogs in town. Go check him out and say hi at Yewknee



I dont know if everyone is aware of the fact that in almost every town through the forum of Yahoo groups you can be part of a group of free cyclers. The basic PURPOSE: It’s not what you get for free, but what you keep out of landfills! So basically if your about to throw something out and it is not your general house rubbish you can be sure that someone out there has a use for it. Now you can also put out requests for things you need ans yes everything is free BUT like the purpose says it is about recycling and not about what you can get for free. So get out there and join your local freecyclers in doing what we can to reduce our waste.

Kudos Freecycle!