Guns don’t kill people…

Men with Mustaches do! So as i was unable to attend the Mustache May festivities this year (for those of you who do not know about the gang of facial hair growing fellers who take part in odd periods of specific hair growth competitions look here and here ) Now your up to date i shall continue… I have decided for reasons which are three fold that i should take part in my only little Mus-tash June My reasons being:

1. My wife told me i “was not allowed” to take part in May due to my going to England for most of it and she did not want all my holiday pics to have a silly mustache in them. This is a fair point as she already put up with all my first picture with our new baby boy Kairo. However my being a typical man got hung up on the original “your not allowed” and ignoring all the good and frankly correct reasoning behind it this is my subconscious yet now very conscious attempt at rebelling and wearing the pants. I am deluded i know.

2. I am becoming a keen bowler and it is quite obvious that all great bowlers have mustaches. This leads me to believe that there is some kind of pin exploding power in the mustache! I will be sure to update you all with my ever increasing high score the bigger this lip hair becomes

3. Thirdly i guess i just have never had a mustache and i like to try things out. Lets see how this goes shall we..


One response to “Guns don’t kill people…

  1. Of your points, item #2 definitely is worth the most credence. I think I saw a special on Discovery Channel about the so-called “moustache effect” in the bowling world…maybe it was on Mythbusters.

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