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Bigger Stronger Faster

So last night i went to see a documentary called Bigger Stronger Faster which is based around the story of three brothers struggle with steroids to become like their great American heroes. This is one of the best if not the best documentary i have seen. The reason i found it to be so successful was it was firstly not even a topic i was that passionate about but yet all the way through i was interested, questioning and becoming internally motivated about some of the issues. It is shot in a very clean, classic documentary style, there is no film trickery or wizardry to make me enjoy it; visually it was as a documentary should be: simple and real so as not to distract or compete with the story.

For me the most interesting elements was the social commentary on society’s image of the body and how it has changed, it is also always interesting to compare almost any drug issue that becomes prominent with the legal drugs like smoking and alcohol. There is always a phenomenal amount of death and destruction revolving around those and it is almost hard to compare or care what the steroid users are doing. I think at one point the mentioned that more people got to the emergency room for vitamin C then for steroids. So again a clear sign that we are easily riled up about issues that the media tells us to be. Of course the real broad emotional tug here was not the medical danger but the unfair advantage gained by taking steroids. The arguments come from all sides and it proves to be a incredibly well rounded and constantly interesting and surprising film. We were the only two people in the theater which was fun but also sad that really great film was being ignored and there were probably still hoards of folks watching Indiana Jones being massacred and squeezed dry. So if your looking for a good flick this week head to green hills to see this!

check out the film @ Bigger Stronger Faster the movie


Five Bagger! (ugh)

Well this may turn out to look something like a little story of self praise (which it is) but there are some issues of continuity and news to go with it. Last night i took my previous high score in bowling (184) and savaged it with a 214! I am pretty pleased with it, nothing magical in the scheme of things but hey i was a happy bunny. During this record breaking run (and by record breaking i mean my record) I got five strikes in a row, i was pretty sad to learn during this that after the three strike “turkey” you start to become and “bagger” a term i am not comfortable with. So on my fourth strike in a row i here supportive cheers from my wife and good friends the Beans which was fun, then as i hear the laughs at the term “four bagger!” I almost dread getting another but yet fate made it so and i was then termed “five bagger!” and i could not go on any further. So i now enjoy a new high score and a horrid nickname (if only short term it is still unwanted) “five bagger McGowan” will press on to eliviate this term through a six in a row striking frenzie (which i believe is a double turkey) hopefully relinquishing the “bagger” tag i have been labeled with.

I would like to add that this does seem to support my bowling mustache theory as the lip growth is continuing and my bowling score is increasing. Only time will prove the power it has on the lanes.

Good day all

Five Bagger

The Beard

So as many of you will know i recently took part in the facial hair phenomenon called whiskerino. The curator, creator and inspirator Michael Eades aka Mackle has at the 8 month point decided to steadily deconstruct the continuous growth that he has been cultivating. I think we can all appreciate this massive mass of hair and see it for all its glory. Here is the final piece before the first step of reduction.

RIP “The Beard” Nov 2007- June 2008

On a side not he also happens to have one of the most interesting blogs in town. Go check him out and say hi at Yewknee


I dont know if everyone is aware of the fact that in almost every town through the forum of Yahoo groups you can be part of a group of free cyclers. The basic PURPOSE: It’s not what you get for free, but what you keep out of landfills! So basically if your about to throw something out and it is not your general house rubbish you can be sure that someone out there has a use for it. Now you can also put out requests for things you need ans yes everything is free BUT like the purpose says it is about recycling and not about what you can get for free. So get out there and join your local freecyclers in doing what we can to reduce our waste.

Kudos Freecycle!

Guns don’t kill people…

Men with Mustaches do! So as i was unable to attend the Mustache May festivities this year (for those of you who do not know about the gang of facial hair growing fellers who take part in odd periods of specific hair growth competitions look here and here ) Now your up to date i shall continue… I have decided for reasons which are three fold that i should take part in my only little Mus-tash June My reasons being:

1. My wife told me i “was not allowed” to take part in May due to my going to England for most of it and she did not want all my holiday pics to have a silly mustache in them. This is a fair point as she already put up with all my first picture with our new baby boy Kairo. However my being a typical man got hung up on the original “your not allowed” and ignoring all the good and frankly correct reasoning behind it this is my subconscious yet now very conscious attempt at rebelling and wearing the pants. I am deluded i know.

2. I am becoming a keen bowler and it is quite obvious that all great bowlers have mustaches. This leads me to believe that there is some kind of pin exploding power in the mustache! I will be sure to update you all with my ever increasing high score the bigger this lip hair becomes

3. Thirdly i guess i just have never had a mustache and i like to try things out. Lets see how this goes shall we..

Top ten places to live

So started this morning off with finding out where i should be living – according to someone. link to the BBC article here or if you just want the hit list here it is:

I know i love Melbourne, Sydney and Geneva as for the others – well i am just going to have to go find out!